“Coaching with Simon has provided useful space for reflection and enabled me to grow as a leader of a voluntary organisation. Simon has supported me to identify the areas in which I wish to develop and action plans to address challenges with which I might otherwise have struggled. Our sessions have given me confidence that I am up to the task and helped quell moments of doubt when I’ve questioned whether I’m in the right role! It is easy to connect with Simon because he is warm and empathetic, he listens and doesn’t judge. Above all, coaching with Simon is practical and is enabling me to get my job done, and develop as a person along the way.”
– Sally Polanski: CEO, CVSF Brighton & Hove

“Coaching with Ruth has been a wonderful experience. Being accountable to a coach has resulted in me having greater clarity about what I want to achieve. Ruth asks the hard questions that get me thinking creatively and her clear summary of each session helps me stay focused on my goals.”
– Wole Ososami: Director at DTLT Solutions

“I am very pleased with the coaching I have received from Simon, it is open and insightful, honest and challenging and most of all, he truly transformed my paradigm reality thus helping me to realise that much more is possible and within my reach.”
– Israel Oyelumade, Actor & leadership consultant

“Ruth would ask me questions that I didn’t dare ask myself, digging into my deepest desires to not only dare follow my dreams, but also discover my dreams! Through the months of my coaching experience with Ruth her skill to not navigate my life for me ( its sometimes easier to be told what to do) has taught me life skills to navigate my own journey of life. She’s helped me write my own map, staying on board through the storms with me and teaching me to celebrate even the smallest triumph. I also love the amazing resources recommended to me by Ruth that I continue to use not only in my life but with the people in my life. I love coaching and would totally recommend it as a life long experience.”
– Lindsay Jacobs, Managing Director of Raise

“Yo took the time to understand me as a person and to understand what motivates me and this has really helped. She’s been very encouraging and is great at getting me to see things in a different way!”
– Amy Robertson

“My coach had patience and wisdom for my occasionally erratic behaviour and I have never felt judged or pressured into doing or saying anything. I felt I could be honest with myself and with her at all times and it was thanks to her that I have kept to the plans we set out together.”
Felicia Goh (Engineering student)