Our Team


ruth-lewisRuth is the founder of Envision Coaching with 8 years coaching experience. She trained for 10 months with, and is licensed by, CoachNet Global and went on to achieve Coach Mentor status training coaches to accreditation both in the UK and United States. Ruth is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Within the last 2 years Ruth has explored the importance of personal well-being and life balance following a difficult period in her own life. She says, “I realised I agreed with many ideals in my head but was still living a life driven by high expectations and the need to be successful in every area of life. My time management and planning were great, but living fast and the fear of failure gradually took its toll. Getting to breaking point created the perfect time to look at every part of our lives and Simon and I started to do things differently. We now seriously prioritise what is important, have learned to live in the moment and understand the blessings of living to our strengths and not needing to do everything.”

Apart from Coaching Ruth enjoys being “artistic” with furniture, photography and time with the family. Simon and Ruth have 4 children and live by the sea in Brighton & Hove.


simon-lewisSimon is also an accredited coach with CoachNet Global. He is a registered pharmacist who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and for the Department of Health. Since becoming a coach he has discovered coaching skills have enhanced and developed his management and leadership roles. He has seen freshly empowered team members grow in motivation and ability, understanding their unique part to play.

Having always been a goal-setter Simon now values internal change, through coaching, as well as external goal orientated success in work settings. While coaching others he loves to see “the real person” emerge, and has found a growing appreciation of people different from himself. Both Simon and Ruth enjoy connecting with people of different cultures and ages both in coaching and as friends.


yo-clayYolanda Clay is an Envision Coach accredited with CoachNet Global. She has coaching experience particularly with young people looking at future life and career decisions.

As a teacher and mother of 3 Yo has valued coaching in her own life and is passionate about life balance so that family life is given the priority she believes it needs.

Yo is very creative and encourages those she coaches to discover what is inside them.


nicoleNicole Heide is an Envision Coach accredited with CoachNet Global.
Originally from Dresden, Germany, she came to Brighton in 2011 and has worked as a team leader for an educational tour operator.
Through her own coaching experiences she has learned that life can only change and go in the right direction if one is willing to invest in the process.

Nicole believes in building positive relationships with people around her; trust and honesty are key factors for these.
Coaching enables her to use her strengths and walk alongside people, giving them support and encouragement to achieve their own set goals.

Nicole enjoys trying all sorts of things; she skis, plays tennis, table tennis, league volleyball, salsa dancing to name a few.

Nicole offers coaching in German or English and excels in coaching young professionals and those of different nationalities.


ShadreckShadreck is an Envision Coach accredited with CoachNet Global. He is a Lecturer at the University of Brighton in Applied Social Science and has a PhD is Sociology of Health and Medicine from The University of Sussex.

Since the start as a coach, Shadreck has incorporated coaching into his teaching and supporting students at undergraduate level – particularly those with individual projects such as dissertations. Being a firm believer in experiential learning rather than didactic learning, using coaching has been useful in bringing about better, deeper and long lasting understanding of subjects taught.

Shadreck says “While coaching others I like to see people discover themselves, as over time I have come to appreciate how life situations and experiences can make people hide their “true” selves.”

Shadreck is married with 2 children. He enjoys family time and bike rides.

Shadreck is trained in all types of coaching but is particularly skilled in coaching in the academic field.