Envision Coaching is about recognising the uniqueness of each individual, realising that no one’s journey is the same and that we all have answers within us. An Envision Coach will walk alongside someone for part of their journey as they explore the season they are in, where they are and where they want to go.

Envision Coaching helps individuals, groups, or businesses become aware of what they want to achieve, think widely about the options available, understand the step by step approach to get there and celebrate success.

Envision Coaching isn’t about telling but listening and asking open questions so coachees discover the answers for their lives or work situations.

Things others have said:

“Coaching helps me see the wood for the trees”
“Coaching is a collaborative relationship”
“Coaching helped me discover strategies that work”
“Coaching helped me work out what changes I wanted to make”
“Coaching can do anything you want it to do”