On the road

Last week I set my “out of office” email responses, gathered up a very large quantity of bags and we abandoned home, work and every other responsibility and went away! The six of us, for a time of relaxation and fun! I say abandoned because this quote I read a while back comes to mind:

“…divert daily, withdraw weekly, abandon annually” Rick Warren

Not many quotes stick with me so determinedly, but this one has. And this is what it means to me:


Each day do something fun. Something relaxing. Anything other than work or having-to-do. I read, walk by the sea, play a game, make something crafty …. DIVERT DAILY.


Each week take a day off! Relax and replenish. Make it a different day from all the rest. We walk with the dog, visit old houses or gardens, meet with friends for a board game, sit round with the kids, visit tea rooms, don’t check emails …. WITHDRAW WEEKLY.

The pancake house

Each year go away. Do not give work a thought. Focus on relaxing and restoring!  Although we might make little trips in the year we make sure we have at least one time for a week or more away from this area whether with friends, family or just the 2 of us. A great time to wind down and think ….. ABANDON ANNUALLY

Being a coach I come across many different people but one thing is the same for nearly all; wanting a more balanced, healthy life that isn’t so busy. I know we cant change everything all at once but little changes can start to make a lot of difference. How about starting with “divert daily” making one small change? Then please let me know what happens.

Putting the little quote to work in our lives has been a significant jigsaw piece in making our lives healthier in the widest sense. Oh and everything else survives when we are not around!

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