Season change

Spring is in the air. How many times have you heard that in the last few days?

Here in Brighton the air feels different. The sea is calm. The people are walking.

  sunsets and sunrises are beautiful.

  The season has definitely changed.

People talk to me about different times in their life and often find it helpful to consider these as seasons. We can think of the 4 seasons and connect these to our life span or see smaller periods of time as a season.

However we think of a season there is change. Change in environment (what is around us) and change in our actions (how we respond). It would be silly to wear thick coats in the height of summer or flip flops in winter. Likewise our response to the season we are in in life needs to be appropriate.

What is the season you are in? It may be the start of a new business or venture; or is it a time to do less, learn to relax, focus on family, get fit? Knowing the priority for this season which may be a few weeks, months or years is the first key.

What is your response to the season? Discovering what to do to keep the priorities in the right place is the next key. Michael Hyatt in a recent post suggests we “Put the Big Rocks in First”. This is the idea of putting your highest priorities in your schedule first and only then add more. It takes some planning. It takes some saying “no” to things. It takes some changing of routine. But its worth it if we do our season well!




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