daily routineWell January has passed. Having started the year with such high hopes of change and success many get discouraged when things don’t work out. But this needn’t be the case.

I wrote “keep it simple”  on the board in my office at the start of the year because often I try to do too much in too little time in too many areas.

So what does it mean to keep it simple when we are thinking about change or success whether that be in business, health, relationships or anything else??? An idea! Think about:

One thing  you are going to do differently Daily

Plan to do this differently every day for a week. Then the next and the next. You may want to add in another thing but Keep it Simple.

Changing small things in our daily routine can make a disproportionate difference to our lives. Big success and big change starts with the first step so make it today.

Try it and let us know here at Envision.




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