Envision Coaching Worskshop


Life Coaching Workshop

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Mister Magnolia’s Gift & Coffee Shop

Ditchling BN6 8SY

10.30am – 12.30pm           £10

At a crossroads in life? Unsure what to do next? Battling the pressures and demands of modern living? Wanting to uncover lost dreams or just discover who you are?

Enjoy interactive relaxed discovery activities that will change the way you think and encourage you to create the life you want to live. You will leave with ideas, goals and inspiration.

A free half hour coaching session is offered to everyone who attends which can be taken in the 3 months following the workshop.

Simon & Ruth are accredited coaches from Envision Coaching

To avoid disappointment please book by email or phone

Email: info@envision-coaching.co.uk

Phone: 01273 420672


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Season change

Spring is in the air. How many times have you heard that in the last few days?

Here in Brighton the air feels different. The sea is calm. The people are walking.

  sunsets and sunrises are beautiful.

  The season has definitely changed.

People talk to me about different times in their life and often find it helpful to consider these as seasons. We can think of the 4 seasons and connect these to our life span or see smaller periods of time as a season.

However we think of a season there is change. Change in environment (what is around us) and change in our actions (how we respond). It would be silly to wear thick coats in the height of summer or flip flops in winter. Likewise our response to the season we are in in life needs to be appropriate.

What is the season you are in? It may be the start of a new business or venture; or is it a time to do less, learn to relax, focus on family, get fit? Knowing the priority for this season which may be a few weeks, months or years is the first key.

What is your response to the season? Discovering what to do to keep the priorities in the right place is the next key. Michael Hyatt in a recent post suggests we “Put the Big Rocks in First”. This is the idea of putting your highest priorities in your schedule first and only then add more. It takes some planning. It takes some saying “no” to things. It takes some changing of routine. But its worth it if we do our season well!




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daily routineWell January has passed. Having started the year with such high hopes of change and success many get discouraged when things don’t work out. But this needn’t be the case.

I wrote “keep it simple”  on the board in my office at the start of the year because often I try to do too much in too little time in too many areas.

So what does it mean to keep it simple when we are thinking about change or success whether that be in business, health, relationships or anything else??? An idea! Think about:

One thing  you are going to do differently Daily

Plan to do this differently every day for a week. Then the next and the next. You may want to add in another thing but Keep it Simple.

Changing small things in our daily routine can make a disproportionate difference to our lives. Big success and big change starts with the first step so make it today.

Try it and let us know here at Envision.




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Advent by the sea

Each day in December at 5.30pm on Brighton & Hove seafront a beach hut opens up for all to see. The big advent calendar doors swing back to reveal a surprise inside. There is such anticipation in those gathered. What will be inside? A childlike expectation stirs in us all!

Advent beach hut         Chocolates and mulled wine tonight!


December is a time of preparation. Working up to the big day, for Christians celebrating Jesus birth and for us all thinking on to a New Year.

Whatever your take on, or feelings are for Christmas one fact remains – 2013 will end in 13 days! So its a great time to grab some time over the holidays to think. Ask yourself:

What went well this year? What can I celebrate? What do I want to do differently next year? What do I want to be celebrating this time next year? Who can help me?

Get some things down on paper. Let it go round in your mind for a bit. Talk it through. Form a plan. Mark down the steps. And begin.

Email some of your ideas if you like or take that free life coaching session!

Oh yes and maybe I’ll see you down at a beach hut one of these nights!



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On the road

Last week I set my “out of office” email responses, gathered up a very large quantity of bags and we abandoned home, work and every other responsibility and went away! The six of us, for a time of relaxation and fun! I say abandoned because this quote I read a while back comes to mind:

“…divert daily, withdraw weekly, abandon annually” Rick Warren

Not many quotes stick with me so determinedly, but this one has. And this is what it means to me:


Each day do something fun. Something relaxing. Anything other than work or having-to-do. I read, walk by the sea, play a game, make something crafty …. DIVERT DAILY.


Each week take a day off! Relax and replenish. Make it a different day from all the rest. We walk with the dog, visit old houses or gardens, meet with friends for a board game, sit round with the kids, visit tea rooms, don’t check emails …. WITHDRAW WEEKLY.

The pancake house

Each year go away. Do not give work a thought. Focus on relaxing and restoring!  Although we might make little trips in the year we make sure we have at least one time for a week or more away from this area whether with friends, family or just the 2 of us. A great time to wind down and think ….. ABANDON ANNUALLY

Being a coach I come across many different people but one thing is the same for nearly all; wanting a more balanced, healthy life that isn’t so busy. I know we cant change everything all at once but little changes can start to make a lot of difference. How about starting with “divert daily” making one small change? Then please let me know what happens.

Putting the little quote to work in our lives has been a significant jigsaw piece in making our lives healthier in the widest sense. Oh and everything else survives when we are not around!

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Time is Ticking

So it’s 1296000 seconds since I last wrote the blog! What happened to those seconds? What did I do with the time I had to use?

We create budgets, monitor the money we are spending, save…. but use time with little thought.

What are some of the ways you have found to use time well? Email us. Or if you’d like a free coaching session either here in Brighton or by phone/Skype get in touch to explore this more. I will be talking to my coach about this for sure!



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I am in two minds! I am trying to hold on to summer but feeling drawn to the delights of Christmas. Loving the sunny warm days but looking forward to cosy winter evenings. What about you?

Coaching in Brighton gives such great opportunities to see the seasons played out through the seas different expressions. I love the sea in all its different moods.

I’ve been thinking lots about seasons recently and when asking a coachee recently about the season of her life she said “transition”. Children are growing for her, time is being redeemed during school hours and the question “what next” sits there?

What season are you in? It helps to know. When we know the priority of the time we can more easily say “yes” or “no” to things that fall in or out of the season.

To discover your season and how to get the best from it, do contact our team coaching in Brighton. We would love to hear from you.

email info@envision-coaching.co.uk


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Coaching in Brighton

Brighton! What do you think of?

Diversity, variety, colour…….



We love this picture. Blue sky, snow on the ground, brightly coloured beach huts all unique. All put together – it’s beautiful!

When coaching in Brighton we have discovered so many different people all unique, all with something to tell, something to give. And we so enjoy seeing their journey unfold as they take steps to become more them and achieve their goals.



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About Time

Hello and welcome to our blog!

Simon and I went to see About Time (written & directed by Richard Curtis) yesterday! We had been meaning to have a movie night for a while but you know how things go sometimes! We talk about it “we must do this”, “I really want to see that”, “so and so said that was a great”…. Well it finally happened and off we went!

So glad we did! It left us thinking? Not just normal thinking but the sort that digs deeper. And being coaches we can’t help ourselves asking questions and these were the ones we got to pondering:

What is important to us right now?

What are we actually doing with each day?

What would our days look like if we could live each one again without the worry or stress of the first time round?

Whatever you think of the film its worth having a think isn’t it?


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Our First Blog Post

This is our first ever blog post! There’s not a lot here right now, but that’s all about to change!!

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